Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today we went apple picking. Last week some of my friends had organized a little trip, but the orchard they were going to only had Macintosh for picking. I have nothing against Macs, but I really wanted to hold out for Honeycrisp and Macouns. I knew there was one orchard about 30 minutes from here that grows both (many orchards don't grow either). This week, another group of MOM friends organized another trip to this particular orchard. I had some reservations. First, I felt really crappy earlier in the week. Second, my 19 month old is quick and sometimes very sneaky. I was having serious anxiety just thinking about her sprinting off silently in the middle of an orchard. Hubby and I had talked of going later in the month, and I almost waited for him. But when I realized that we had nothing to do today, and that Honeycrisps were ready, I decided to go for it. I'm really glad I did. Nor only were there lots of Honeycrisps to be had, but Thing 2 was surprisingly well-behaved. She spent most of her time picking up apples off the ground til her arms were full (she's little, so this was only about four or five apples), then trying to walk and toppling over. Thing 1 was pretty good at choosing apples. I could, however, do without the blood-curdling screams when she couldn't get her bag to open.
On the way out, I noticed the marker for the Twenty-ounce apples. They looked so big and enticing, so I pulled over, jumped out and grabbed five of the biggest and best-looking I could find. Yummy! We paid for our apples, bought some cider and some donuts and visited the horses, the playland, and then headed home (but not after meeting another little girl with the same name as Thing 2...this almost never happens. Her name was the 405th most popular name the year she was born.). After wrangling the girls and all of our stuff into the house, I gave them a drink, changed Thing 2 and put her to bed. I then proceeded to remove my Twenty-ounce apples form the bag, and marvel at their size in comparison to my Honeycrisps. (I'll admit, I haven't tasted them, so I don't know how they fare in a taste test). I excitedly took out my food scale and proceeded to weigh my TWENTY-OUNCE apples, sure I might have one of the fabled pound and a half apples. I am sorry to tell you that, of five Twenty-ounce apples, not a one weighs more than 10 ounces, and that is just one. I'm glad they're sold by weight and not by apple, or I'd be crying rip-off.
That said, we will definitely return there in a few weeks for our beloved Macouns. I love apple season!

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xmas said...

Oh man, it sounds awesome. I wish we'd gone. I'm so spoiled, I hate driving more than 15 minutes away for anything. But let me know if you are going to go again, we can add it to the calendar! I'll definitely go then!