Thursday, October 23, 2008


I really feel crappy that I'm not updating my blog regularly. I have things happening all the time that I KNOW would be great blogging material, but it seems I am so terrified of getting sucked into my blog and spending an hour typing, when what I can really spare is fifteen minutes. Could it be that I continue to do WAY TOO MANY THINGS???? And I can't stop doing more?? Sigh.

But this happened yesterday and I just had to share it. After a panicked call to Benny at 4 pm begging him to come home a half hour early so I wouldn't kill Helen, who had spent the previous 2 hours screaming at the top of her lungs in the bathroom (long story), things calmed down, so that by the time Benny walked in the door, the situation at home was fairly normal. Oops. Sorry to make you use up your personal time. But really. Her life was in danger. Anyway, so there Benny is in the kitchen; little Ruthie is sitting at the table coloring. And without looking up, without missing a stroke of the crayon, she pipes up "Hey, Daddy, you're an a**hole." After righting myself from nearly falling off the chair I was sitting in, and recovering from the choking that ensued after I nearly swallowed my own tongue, I called her over to whisper in her ear that Mommy sometimes says bad words and Ruthie shouldn't use those words. Then Benny says "Where did you hear that?" and sweet little Ruthie turns around to face me, points her finger, undeniably, right at me, and grins from ear to ear.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Must See TV

I'm coming out of hiding. Okay, I haven't really been hiding. Just busy. And preoccupied. But I felt the need to blog about how much I am anticipating Thursday night TV tonight. Typically, I'd be pretty pissed that The Office and ER, both of which JUST RETURNED LAST WEEK are being pre-empted. And last week, I nearly blew a gasket when what was supposed to be the beginning of the season premiere of Criminal Minds turned into an episode of Diminutive Minds with the appearance of our president, Alfred E. Neumann. But folks, tonight's TV could prove to be even more entertaining than Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute. Maybe more dramatic than last week's killing off of Pratt. Tonight, I will be curling up on the couch with Benny, a big bowl of popcorn, and a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate, and I'll be watching the Vice Presidential Debate. If any of you have been watching recent footage of CBS interviews of Sarah Palin by Katie Couric, you will know exactly what I'm getting at. I'm all for women advancing, but let's try to find one who actually knows a little something about....anything. Actually, I'd be more likely to support Katie Couric on a VP ticket than Sarah Palin. And I'll be eagerly anticipating SNL this week. There isn't much that will keep me up til 11:30, but Tina Fey probably will. And if not, there's my trusty TiVo.