Saturday, December 1, 2007

I don't care if it rains or freezes, 'long as I've got my plastic Jesus


The Modernization of Christmas

In an effort to save my lovely ceramic nativity set from the deadly grip and curious mind of little Helen, I have decided to keep it safe in its box for at least the next couple of Christmas seasons. So instead we got this:

Yes, the folks at Fisher Price have been kind enough to manufacture a nativity set for children, complete with all the pertinent characters in Little People form. There are some more pieces that aren't shown...the other animals are out of the frame, and the wise men are currently MIA, but I'll be looking for them today. Last night I was out with friends, and that, coupled with my nasty cold, rendered me too tired for my usual nativity round-up. We have about eleventy bajillion Little People parts to go with umpteen sets in our house, and most are just thrown into a bin at night. But the nativity needs special care, and, as such, I search each and every night (except last night) for the nativity pieces so that I may lovingly place them back in and around the manger. After all, it's the least I can do for Jesus when he is a guest in my home. Well, the other night, I was able to locate the now MIA wise men, who were seemingly fraternizing with Noah's wife over at the ark, and the donkeys and such were aorund, but Mary, Joseph and Jesus were nowhere to be found. I searched high. I searched low. No Mary. No Joseph. No Jesus. Unwilling to give up, I launch one more search of the living room and find this:

Yes, folks, that's Mary and Jesus riding around in an SUV.

I never did find Joseph that night, but after this, I figured him gone and gave up looking. Deadbeat.


Carly said...

this is so awesome. It's scary you were up at 5 am posting it though. Was Ruthie or Helen who got you out of bed? Roooom darkening shades.

emmay said...

Oh, yeah, I had the wrong time zone saved...ooops. Fixed that. along the way I also noticed that my country was set for Afghanistan. Hmm??

Chrissy said...

I've wondered about the Afghanistan thing. We have the same naitivity set, and I've done the same roundup for three or four years now. It cracks me up that they were riding in the little people SUV. I guess Mary was tired of bumping along on that donkey.

karen said...

I hope Mary got Jesus to the field in time for the soccer game...