Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Australiacan Idol

To all three of my faithful readers, I apologize for my recent neglect of my blog. We have been plagued with sick child #1, sick child #2, sick child#2's birthday, sick child #2's birthday party, followed by sick mommy. But I know, that is no excuse. It has, after all, been nearly a month.
It is Season 7 of American Idol and I have pledged to watch the full run this time. I completely ignored the mania of the first few seasons. The Clay Aiken season I watched sporadically (by which I mean, the auditions and then the finale, and probably nothing in between. ) I've watched the auditions only, for the last couple of seasons. But this season I am in for the long haul baby. (Perhaps a development akin to my recent interest in the whole political thing...see previous post). I made the decision to commit to this when I was under the impression that Benny would be out every Wednesday night, taking a class to review for a test which he took and thought he failed. Two weeks into the class, he found out he passed. so now he is home on Wednesday nights. While I love his company, this poses a problem in our one TV home. Benny will watch the auditions with me, cause admit it, they are humorous and oh so entertaining. But I think he's out of the game now that they're over. However, I have a new friend to watch with in my little daughter. Ruthie, though she will only watch the girls sing for the time being, will keep me company and watch the TiVo-ed American Idols while Helen naps. She has an AI microphone she got in a Happy Meal ages ago that is getting some legitimate use. She actually interviewed me this morning about who I liked. She also at one point packed a bag and said she was leaving to go to American Idol.
We just finished watching last night's episode. I have some clear faves early on, and some I could get rid of, and others who are just forgettable. Some notes from the cluttered corners of my brain:
  • I really like David Archuleta and I think the boy can sing.
  • I laughed out loud when Colton Berry said he's been told he looked like Ellen DeGeneres because that is EXACTLY what I said to Benny when we watched the Hollywood auditions last week. Or maybe what I actually said was "Who is he? Ellen DeGeneres' long lost little brother?" Close enough.
  • Danny Noriega may have some talent but if he doesn't tone down the cracked-out fairy act, he'll be on the next train out. NO FLAMES...I'm not a homophobe. I wouldn't like that same behavior in a girl. Perhaps after tonight I'll be offering the same advice to a girl. He is just too over the top and a bit overconfident.
  • (Leif) Garrett Haley is likable but too quiet. Amp it up dude!
  • Jason first glance I didn't think I'd like him, but I was impressed. He can sing, he has a personality. I like him.
  • EZ Cheese - Wasn't impressed.
  • Cruise ship guy...I don't even know his name, but I'm not gonna look it up because I'm pretty sure he's going tomorrow night.
  • Robbie Carrico - I'm kinda liking Mr. Rocker dude.

but my clear fave of the top twelve guys is Michael Johns. If you haven't yet heard or seen him, watch this: (the good stuff starts about thirty seconds in)

Not only is that one of my all time favorite songs by one of my all-time favorite groups, but that man rocked it. He is amazing, and he is kinda hot.
My only concern is, he wants to be American Idol, but he ain't American. I am all for the Aussie dude wining, but I don't know how it goes. Seriously. I claim utter ignorance here. Have a lot of foreigners been as serious a contender as this guy? Has a non-native ever won? Does American Idol translate to "an American who kicks butt and gets a recording contract" or "someone who kicks butt that Americans love, who gets a recording contract." Or would he be the first "Australiacan Idol". And I realize that if I want to vote for my beloved Michael Johns, I can't be watching this the next day...and Ruthie cannot stay up that late. And Benny the non-watcher is now home on Wednesday nights. I have some serious decisions to make. And if Michael doesn't win, then he will just have to be my Australiacan Idol.

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xmas said...

Yeah...I don't really watch American Idol, but he is hot, and he can sing. I watched a couple of the other utube videos and when I heard him talk with that accent I almost swooned!