Monday, April 14, 2008

Idol conversation

An email exchange between myself and undisclosed recipients (UR):

UR: where do you find out what type of music/who the celeb pimp is this week?

Me: It's Mariah Carey. Got that from our DirectTV info.

UR: Oh my god! Do they have to sing a Mariah Carey song or just put up
with her being their teacher? I can't think of how David Cook would do a
Mariah Carey song. That would be frightening.

Me: According to DirectTV:
"The seven finalists compete, performing songs by Mariah Carey."
I think maybe it was supposed to say "The finalists will compete,
singing all seven of Mariah Carey's songs." Or did she even have that
Agreed, David Cook as Mariah Carey will be frightening.
God I wish Amanda Overmyer was still on. This would so be her thing.

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