Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top ten titles for this post

10. Those children aren't mine
9. Dear Neighbors, Excuse my screaming five year old in the driveway
8. And I really wanted another one of these?
7. I hate school vacations: the pre-k years
6. Why three year olds should learn to do laundry (or alternately: it isn't cute to wet your pants on purpose).
5. NY mother goes missing...please don't look for me
4. I never should have given up drinking
3. Does anyone have a do you light this thing?
2. Foreign adoption may have been a better bet

and finally...

1. Where the fuck is that last Cadbury creme egg?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh!!! I hear your pain. See you tomorrow maybe:) KT

karen said...

I hope you found that last Creme Egg...sounds like you needed it!

xmas said...

hahahaha...that's great.