Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Je ne comprend pas

I don't even know if that is grammatically correct. I haven't taken French in 22 years. I thought I could "brush up" on some French and be okay while away. Ha! I reserved a few books from the library with French phrases, etc. They're not in yet. A friend of mine at the gym recommended this site for free daily French lessons. I was psyched! Ha! The lessons are auditory....the hardest way for me to learn...I need to see stuff in print. I listened a bit and understood that I was listening to something about North Korea, and maybe a boner and a cheese infant. I guess I should just learn to say "I don't speak French" "Where's the bathroom?" and "Have you seen my sister?....she's American and speaks French slightly better than me."

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karen said...

My ten-year-old suggests you learn to say (this is not correct spelling but will look like it sounds):

Yagt tallah inta svenska.

It means "I don't speak Swedish." You will still not be a great communicator while in France, but you won't look like a dumb American, either...