Monday, September 7, 2009

August...August...come in August...

I just realized that I posted nothing at all during the rest of my trip to France as well as the entire month of August. Oops. The rest of France was fabulous...better than fabulous maybe. spectacular. The food. The sights. Time with my sister. It was all wonderful, except that I really missed my little munchkins. And Benny. And the feet...well, the feet didn't get a whole lot better. I could gross you out with details of blood blisters, calluses, and blisters UNDER toenails, but instead I'll just tell you that I am currently missing two toenails completely, three more are black and blue in part or whole, and the bottom of my left foot sports a lovely design of somewhat concentric circles on both heel and ball, where layers of skin have peeled off. It's frighteningly disgusting.
I will post some more France stories when I can. Right now I am trying to eek every last drop out of summer before my older goes off to big kid school. I am lingering somewhere between shock that the last five and a half years have gone by so quickly, to excitement for her since I know she cannot wait, to melancholy that she will be gone all day. (That last one is easily remedied by letting her spend more than fifteen minutes with her sister, at which point one hits another, blah blah blah, and I threaten to lock them both out of the house.) I will do my darnedest to update on Thursday....the day when school officially starts. If for no other reason than to post a photo of my beautiful girl looking impossibly adorable in her uniform.

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Carly said...

I took B for a photo session at the Picture People, in her school jumper. Resting on a cloud, popping out of an oversized crayon box... they had lovely props back then.

D... not so much... no portrait for that, or his first communion. Oops!