Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween reflections

I am shocked every year by the children who come to my door wearing no costume at all. I am always tempted to deny them candy, but I do not want my house/car getting egged/shaving creamed or worse. So I just give them a hard time. One neighborhood kid told me he was a hippie. I told him he looked exactly like he does every other day of the week and that maybe he should put a little effort into it.
We gave out glow sticks this year. We got them last year on clearance (90% off!). They don't go bad, so we saved them to hand out to the kids. They loved them. So much so that a group of neighbor kids came back again. We told them one to a customer and sent them, on their way. They came back again. We told them to beat it. And they came back again...and again. I believe six times in all. Do these children have no clue what manners are? Do they not know how to listen to an adult They also lied to DH and told him they hadn't been to our house before. Hey're in the same costime you've had on all live four houses away...we know you! Scram!
My doorbell rang at 2:45 in the afternoon. It was trick-or-treaters. WTF? Um, could you at least wait until LATE afternoon? I sent them away and told them to come back. Now that I think about it, they were the kids who kept coming back. We meant once. To get your ONE treat..SCRAM!
Now, based on one of the aforementioned items, you know that we are all for saving money...we bought our NON-PERISHABLE treats a year ago. Yay for us. Someone else apparently got the same idea as us, a little later. They bought their treats nine months ago. On Valentine's Day. I know this because my daughter had a valentine's Day Tootsie Roll in her bag. Come on people. Be creative and deceptive in your frugality.
We turned off the porch lights a little after eight-thirty. The girls were in bed. We were tired. Porch lights mean don't bother us, right? Nope. The doorbell continued to ring until 9:15.
I think next year I'll hand out basic rules for trick-or-treating.

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karen said...

I would totally collaborate with you on coming up with the rules! Suspicious of the graying tinge to 5 o'clock shadow on the cheek of a trick-or-treater dressed as pirate and not accompanied by any visible children, I asked him where he was when JFK was shot and then sent him away empty-handed when he replied, "How should I know? I was two!"