Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A little love

This morning, at 8 a.m., as I was desperately attempting to get Helen and Ruthie in he car in their Halloween costumes so we could visit the NICU nurses, get my flu shot, update my parking pass, and be at friend's Halloween part by ten, I hated Halloween. I hated it even more after Helen had a full-blown meltdown in the car on the way to 10 a.m. party. No escape from a screaming, very loud Helen, when you are in a mini-van. None at all. My head splitting, I confessed to another mom, after we got there, that last year I learned to hate Christmas, and now I am learning to hate Halloween. But now, at nearly 4 p.m., as both of my darlings have been asleep for nearly three hours, I LOVE Halloween. I really do. But check in again at 8 p.m. I may have changed my mind again.

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