Monday, May 25, 2009

Can you take it?? post just disappeared. I'm sure my sideways typing caused me to hit some combination of keys that completely obliterated the full paragraph I had written. Whatever.
Anyway, can you take two posts in one day?? Before the Paris business, I intended to tell you all about my fabulous trip to Price Chopper, and how I managed to get my grocery bill chopped (haha) from $178.59 to $39.67. Between sales, rain checks, coupons and bottle slips, I saved $138.92. Benny says the bottle slips don't really count, but they do. Because they are counted into the total of my other receipts when I pay that 5 cents per can initially. Like when I went the other day and spent$44.31 when my original bill was $97.63 (which I was moderately inpressed with until this morning), $3 of that $44.31 was bottle deposits paid. So it counts.
Anyway, here's what I got...

(1) box Kashi waffles
(4) boxes Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
(5) boxes Frosted Mini-Wheats (or as Helen calls them, Weenie Wheats)
(1) 6 pk. Italian rolls from yummy local bakery
(1) loaf Italian wheat bread from same yummy local bakery
(2) boxes Wheat Thins
(2) bottles All Small & Mighty HE detergent
(4) bags Halls cough drops
(10) containers Dannon yogurt
(1) dozen bakery bagels
(3) half gallons chocolate milk
(2) boxes Betty Crocker Brownie mix
(6) bottles Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner
(2) 2-pks. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
(4) 2-pks. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo
(1) qt. strawberries
(2) jars bread n butter pickles
(1) jar tomato bruschetta
(1) 10 0z. pkg. mushrooms
(1) 12 0z. package Portabella mushroom Grillers
(1) 2 ltr. bottle Diet Dr. Pepper
(1) container Cottonelle wipes for Kids
2.6 lb. Granny Smith apples
1 lb. bay scallops
1 lb. shrimp
All for $39.67

I think I'm framing my receipt. Maybe my fabulous savings were what convinced Benny that Paris was doable.

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xmas said...

I bow down to you. And actually, I think you should teach a community education class at hvcc - Better Savings Through Coupon Ingenuity!