Monday, May 25, 2009


Pardon the foul internet language in the title of this post, but I am so friggin excited I cannot contain myself. Remember this? Well, I kinda gave up on that, cause I developed this insane fear of dying on an overseas flight crash. Then I read this book again, and the bug started creeping in. So I brought it up to Benny. Cause he knows what the $ situation is much better than I do. (But on aside, I got my $178 grocery bill down to $39 with coupons and rainchecks and bottle slips.) And....he said we can sweing it. I'm going to Paris baby!! Details to come later. Passport to be yesterday. Or tomorrow at least. Off to pedal away on my bike in the lovely sunshine and dream of Paris. And find a really good crash course in French since I haven't taken a French class in 20 plus years.
And Kitty, I'll eat lots of Brie for you.
Au revoir!


Carly said...

Thats SO awesome

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!!

Wow that is exciting news. I can't wait to hear about it. Are you going to Jeanne's tomorrow? I'll be there:)