Friday, July 24, 2009

How do you say blister in French?

My sister walks a tremendus amount. Ten, twelve miles a day. I can't quite keep up with that. If you know me IRL, you know that I recently sffered a debilitating bout of tendinitis in both knees. It was literally crippling. I was cawling up the stairs in my house, sending my 5 year old to the mailbox, and spending the large majority of my time on the couch because it felt like someone was ripping my tendons to shreds every time I tried to walk. I was on a nearly constant regimen of icing, I received four cottisone injections and got PT for the three weeks leading up to my trip. So with that in mind, I'm lucky I'm walking. But it isn't the knees that are kilimg me. It's the blisters. We walked abut 4.5 miles yesterday, and 6.5 today. A lot of walking for someone who has recently spent so much time not walking at all. I think I have bad socks, because the blisters are on the balls and heels of my feet. My sis went out tonight and got me some blister band-aids, but if they don't help, I may rest a little tomorrow. We've had a fabulous time. I know when people think of Paris museums, they immediately think Louvre, or maybe d'Orsay. Haven't made it there yet (well we strolled the gardens behind the Louvre lat night, but we didn't go in) but today we wnt to the Rodin museum. totally amazing. i think I realy enjoy the three-dimensionality of sculpture, and so many of his sculptures tell a story. It was fascinating. I took a lot of pictures, but I don't have my camera software so I 'll have to post them when I get home. I also got momentarily trapped in a pitch black bathroom. And I had no idea how to scream for help in French. I einvisoned dying a slow dark death in there, but managed to free myself by pulling the door instead of pushing (brilliant!) But aparently the lights are on a timer, and the bathroom was in a toilet closet of sorts, so there was NO light. When I finally burst outof there, I cried "THe lights went out!" But the FRENCH wooman at the sink couldn't understand me, so she asked me a question, in French, adn I couldn't understand her. I just stood there smiling. An when she finally mase a little room a the sink, I turned it on and she exclaimed "Oh!" So apparently she was asking me how to turn on the sink. Hmmm. I'm quite sure she stil had no idea what I said.
We aren't eating oursleve sick or anything, but we hav enjoyed some yummy stuff. My lunch today was a small quihe champignon (mushroms). Man was that tasty. Light for quiche anbd just all around good. We had ice cream, and I had to have a flavor I knew I couldn't get, so praline pignon it was. (Praline pine nut) Mmmmm.
Sis needs to get on here, so au revoir!

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the Provident Woman said...

Who can walk that much? It makes me tired and out of breath just thinking about it.