Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holy crap!

So I lost my wallet...a story for another day. Someone found it and was kind enough to call me and tell me. I went to the projects, where she lives, to pick it up. The woman, who seemed very nice, was admiring (well, maybe she was just commenting, but I like to think she was admiring) my girls. She then somewhat casually stated, " I'm a mom of fifteen." It took me a second. I wasn't sure if she said "I'm a mom of fifteen" or "I was a mom at fifteen." Either one would be a bit of a shocker, but I realized, when she called several of them downstairs (how the hell big is this duplex??) and then proceeded to pull out pictures of the others, that she meant "a mom of fifteen." No twins, triplets or otherwise. I commented "Wow, so you've been pregnant fifteen times." "No, I've been pregnant twenty times." (which I guess is to be expected given miscarriage rates.) When she told me how old her oldest was, I realized she may have also been a "mom at fifteen." Either she missed some vital lessons in biology, or she is a glutton for punishment.
Everything was in my wallet except for the $30 in cash. I don't know if she took it or not, but hell, if she did, she probably needs it more than I do.

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xmas said...

I'll second that "Holy Crap!" Reminds me that I have something (a left-behind sippy cup) that belongs to you too.