Tuesday, February 6, 2007

procreation required

Check this out:

I-957 would require married couples to have kids

Gotta love our country. Initiatives that are never meant to pass.
This could spark some highly interesting debates. I wonder if it will accomplish what it's intended to accomplish.

By our three-year anniversary, we had experienced a miscarriage and were about 12 weeks pregnant with our first daughter. Would that have counted or would our marriage have been annulled and me forced into single parenthood??
If you are conceived during pregnancy, but actually born outside the confines of marriage, does that mean you are still a bastard?
So many things to think about.

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Sgt said...

Lawmakers are so feverishly trying to come up with creative (and stupid) ways of banning same sex marriages... without actually banning same sex marriages.

Seriously, I wish they spent half the effort on healthcare reform.