Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ain't it Funny?

So, I was pretty clear in my previous post that I will not subject myself to the torture of kid's music in the car, and I want my kids to experience all (okay, most) kinds of music, blah, blah, blah. I will admit to having certain music biases. Most rap music irritates me (the desperate attempts at rhyming often result in lyrics, and I use that term loosely here, that make no sense.). "Hard-core" country isn't my thing, but I can handle the more mainstream stuff. Heavy metal is generally hard to tolerate. But rock, pop, alternative, folk, blues, etc., I' m cool with. I've become pretty attached to my ipod, and the stuff I've collected over the years, so I rarely listen to the radio. Which means I'm probably not the most current when it comes to music selection, particularly pop (I cannot let go of my 80s pop music...ever). If a song gets enough play I might hear it eventually. I have never intentionally listened to a Britney Spears song...I cannot stand her. Some of those other high-profile girls don't so much for me, and I think they're idiots, so I assume I won't like their music. Unfair bias on my part? Sure, I'm human. But I prefer screaming in vicarious heartache with Melissa Etheridge, or listening to the folksy (and again, frequently heartachey) Maura O'Connell over listening to some half-dressed new millennium pop star. (Christina Aguilera was an exception due to her appearance on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, thus Ruthie's love for Lady Marmalade.)

My x-biking instructor, Denise, loves to make her own playlists/CDs for x-biking purposes. She must have at least a dozen that she's created over the last 6 months. There are 4 or 5 that get more regular use during classes, probably because they have the best beats for motivating us, and generally they're fun to listen to. This one in particular which she's been using for awhile has a song on it that I hadn't heard before but I couldn't get out of my head. It had kind of an island beat to it, and it was really catchy. I wasn't hearing all the lyrics, but I liked it and it was one of those songs that you hear and you just find yourself moving. For a while I've been meaning to Google what I could remember of the lyrics, but I never did. Today I remembered. I Googled "the story of your heart" which was all I could remember, and up pops a link to J Lo lyrics. I clicked on the link and sure enough, there are the lyrics to "Ain't it Funny" and I recognize enough of thm to know that's the song. I browse the itunes store and listen and indeed, that's the voice I hear in x-biking. Holy crap. I like a J. Lo song. Who'd have thought one of those half-dressed new millennium pop stars would actually sing something I'd like? And now here I am, having purchased a J Lo track (gasp) from itunes. And I fully intend to let her funky beat assist me in my housecleaning (good music = successful cleaning). So I will do dishes while dancing and lip-synching "Ain't it Funny". Now ain't that funny?


Carly said...

I wear J Lo's original perfume. It's got the tacky glittery J-Lo on the neck of the bottle.

Every time, I get compliments, and then I have to lie, and say I don't remember what it is, or sheepishly say "Uh, J-lo."

Did you see her on DancingWTS?

emmay said...

Carly, you slut. You new-millennium-pop-star smelling slut! If anyone asks you in my presence what you're wearing, I'm outing you!
I did not see her on DWTS...I have never watched it. Though I caught Benny watching it the other day. He claims he's never watched it before. Right.
And score one for mommy. Ruthie is now singing J Lo. My kids are so cultured.