Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Inertia Project

I followed through on my inertia experiment yesterday, and instead of trying to take a nap, I kept myself busy. It had the intended result of keeping me from becoming a total bitch (don't ask me why further sleep deprivation would improve my mood... just trust me when I tell you that if I'd gotten, say, 45 minutes of sleep and then been awoken by a child, it would not have been pretty.) And I got some more purees made and a batch of chocolate brownies baked. These brownies were supposed to be "to die for," spinach puree and all. They aren't. They are gross. The only one who likes them is the baby, which is fine becasue she is the one most in need of veggies in her diet. Ruthie actually told Benny, after tasting one, that in fact, it was NOT a brownie. But I digress.

My day was not without its share of unintended consequences of my sleep deprivation.

  • While making breakfast for the girls (scrambled eggs with cauliflower puree hidden in it), I accidentally mixed the ingredients in with what were supposed to be the discarded egg yolks. This required a rescue effort involving scooping said ingredients out in as much quantity as possible without getting the egg yolk. Yah, right.
  • I managed to get the girls dressed in some cute Halloween attire for our MOMS club Halloween craft activity, and got them there, sippy cups in hand...and two different color shoes on my feet...yay. At least they were the same style of shoe, and they were black and brown, not green and red or anything.
  • And the culmination of my day occurred at 9:30 p.m. approximately 17 hours after my wake up call, after finishing up my volunteer duties at the NICU. I locked the keys in the van...with the engine the hospital parking garage (yeah, Triple A guy, I'm on Level 1 in the AMC garage...yeah, the one that faces the hospital...I'm in that bump-out might be visitor parking. Which vehicle is it? It's the silver van...that's running...with no one in it...) Excellent. No cell phone...locked in the car. No wallet...locked in the car. Thankfully AAA was able to find me and rescue me in about 25 minutes.
Inertia project complete.


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I like spinach...I LOVE chocolate...but spinach brownies? Bleck!