Sunday, March 1, 2009

All used up

So I committed to blogging five times a week during Lent. That was on Wednesday. I skipped Thursday. I skipped yesterday. That means I have used up all of my free days this week. Of course, being that it's my blog and my Lenten promise to break, I guess in a pinch I could blog twice in one day and count it as 2 days/posts. And this week is going to be a busy one.
Ruthie turns five on Thursday. We are making cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake. She wants butterflies, so we are modifying the monarchs and making them pink and orange, cuz that's what the birthday girl wants. And she wants an Ariel cake for hr family birthday party on SAturday. Which must be made with a doll, like Sleeping Beauty for Helen's birthday (which I would post if I had the icon and link to add a picture but it appears all of my options have disappeared??) And on Thursday, the actual birthday, after the cupcalkes and celebrating at school, we will be venturing up to the NICU, where Ruthie spent her first 47 days, to visit the nurses who have become like angels to us. We will bring them treats. Lots of treats. It's a big NICU (50 beds....Intensive Care...lots of nurses). So my week this week will be spoent baking. And blogging. And cursinig myself for hyping my kids up about fancy birthday cakes. No, I won't buy their cakes. While I have the time, I'll make them, and since I cannot do anything simply, I will stress. And likely curse.

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Carly said...

Ha! I swear I thought of you this afternoon while I rebooted laundry and intended to ping you about failing on your committment!!!