Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Screwings

Daylight Savings is catching up with me today. My children were completely exhausted and took almost 3 hour naps. I did not have that luxury today. (Well, I fell asleep but only seven minutes before the time went off, reminding me to get the little boy I watch off the bus...that is really almost worse than no nap at all) so I am feeling a really nasty case of the wretcheds coming over me. It is not helped by the fact that my living room is filled with items needing to be tagged for the upcoming consignment sale. My goal was to have all 76 items of children's clothing/toys/equipment tagged by dinner time. Plan aborted when tags began printing the item descriptions in something I can only guess is Russian. After several attempts to fix this problem myself I put a call into Benny to get him to see if he could print from work. This plan (probably Plan Q by now) failed when he was prevented from disabling his pop-up blocker, thus making it impossible to print. email to the sale coordinator. Apparently this is a Firefox problem?? Thy are printing fine in IE, but not in enough time to clear the living room out before dinner. And dinner??? White trash night here. Hot dogs, baked beans and Kraft mac n cheese. That should make me happy. I just regret my lack of thorough planning...I'd have made some kind of Twinkie casserole for dessert.
I'll post about Ruthie's birthday later. But I'll leave you with this gem....someone gave her a Mickey Mouse karaoke book with a microphone. This is NOT helping my mood at all.
I think I smell burning beans.


Beth said...

awww, you can have your very own American Idol

Carly said...

a twinkie casserole is hilarious!