Friday, March 27, 2009

Short Memory

I have ten moms and a baker's dozen of kids (not including my own) coming over for our book club discussion and lunch. I do not have enough room for all these people. I really expected about 2/3 of that number, at most. I am on my knees praying to the gods of sunshine that they dry out my yard and warm up the air by 11:30. Originally, I wasn't even going to attend this month's book club, since I'd read the book before and hated it. But now, not only am I hosting the discussion, I read the damned book again, if only to have a more specific and valid argument about why I hated it. (I originally read it about 4 years ago, and remembered little, except that it sucked.)
There seems to be a pattern developing here. Remember this post? And this year for Helen's birthday, I decided to forgo our usual party and just have a few of our MOMS club friends over for cookie decorating. That turned into about the same amount of people as today. And it took me about 3 hours to clean up the toys alone. I swore I would never do it again, yet here we are a mere six or weeks the same boat.
At least this time I had the sense to proclaim it a potluck lunch...and we're using paper plates. Now if only I could find where Benny hid the plastic cups.

(Carly, I think I can hear you laughing from across the river...feel free to stop by.)


Anonymous said...

At least you know that you are loved and people want to come to your house! How was clean up today? Of course we forgot "her" cup and the potty seat you gave us...duh!


xmas said...

Well we had a fabulous time and the weather was awesome - thank you sunshine Gods! I have the same stress about book club, that's why I try to host in the summer months.

Thanks again for the day. I think we should make pot and book club coincide more often!